FALL 2021

Live training class will help you supercharge your Google Shopping campaigns to generate maximum sales & profits!



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Anyone wanting to substantially grow their business online advertising with Google Shopping!

eCommerce Store Owners

 Discover how to maximize your marketing dollars without the need to hire an outside agency.

Marketing Directors & Managers

Become the instant star of your company and become an invaluable asset to any eCommerce business.

Marketing Freelancers

Within 8 weeks, you can add the expertise of  how to successfully implement Google Shopping campaigns to your products offerings.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies already offering Google Shopping services are invited to discover the newest and most effective techniques being used today.

Course Focus

Taught by the acclaimed Make Each Click Count book series author, Andy Splichal, this live course breaks down advanced techniques and concepts into easy to implement actions steps based on the award winning book, Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping - Revealing Profits & Strategies.

  • Laying The Groundwork -  Properly optimizing Merchant Center with complete and properly formatted data is essential for success using Google Shopping campaigns. You will NEVER be able to generate success using Google Shopping without first optimizing your Google Merchant Center.

  • Proper Tracking -  If you aren't tracking your traffic, spend and conversions then how will ever improve your results? An account must have proper tracking before you can maximize your sales and profits.

  • Optimizations Inside Google Ads -  Once your products are optimized inside Google Merchant Center, you can determine how to best optimize your campaigns by using historical data to predict future success. By using historical data, you will be able to effectively manage and adjust bidding in relations to keywords, product bids, device bidding, location bidding and more.

  • Automating Google -  It is just as important with Google Shopping to know what you should do as it is to know what you should NOT do. With Google aggressively marketing their new Smart Shopping campaigns, automated bid strategies and potentially free traffic, it is important to know what each strategy will do for your account and whether it makes sense to implement.

  • More Advanced Techniques -  Once you have everything setup properly, it is time to implement more advanced techniques such as positive keywords. You think you can't control what keywords your shopping listings appear? WRONG! This strategy is one of my favorites and a little used tool that helps advertisers control their keyword search terms.  




This course is limited to a maximum of 20 students!


Don't miss your chance to work with one of the world's foremost experts regarding Google Shopping and immediately transform your paid marketing results.

The next class will be Fall 2021.

Click the button above to be notified when the course reopens for enrollment.



Google Shopping Simplified is an easily digestible 8-week class.


We have purposely spread out the class in order to not overwhelm you with a ton of information that you may never get done.


This course is designed to get you actionable results and to do this we have divided the course into specific action steps that you can work on each week.


You have a lot going on and we don't want to give you endless hours of how-to mumbo jumbo. Instead, we are going to give you just the specific action items that you need to take each week to help you monetize your Google Shopping in the fastest time possible.


In addition to assigning weekly action items, the class will include a live video conference each week where we will answer your questions, look at your campaigns and help you make sure you are implementing everything correctly.


Finally, included at no extra charge your tuition will include 12 month access to all online material and training videos as well as an exclusive invitation to a monthly live video meeting just for class attendees.


So, if you need a refresher once the class has ended. No worries. You will have it!

WEEK 1 (Tuesday) - 9:00am PST - Getting Started With Google Shopping.

WEEK 1 (Thursday) - 9:00am PST - Virtual Office Hour

WEEK 2 (Tuesday) - 9:00am PST - Developing Your Plan For Using Google Shopping.

WEEK 2 (Thursday) - 9:00am PST - Virtual Office Hour

WEEK 3 (Tuesday) - 9:00am PST - Launching Google Shopping Campaigns.

WEEK 3 (Thursday) - 9:00am PST - Virtual Office Hour

WEEK 4 (Tuesday) - 9:00am PST - Positive Keywords.

WEEK 4 (Thursday) - 9:00am PST - Virtual Office Hour

WEEK 5 (Tuesday) - 9:00am PST - Creating Proprietary Optimization Reports

WEEK 5 (Thursday) - 9:00am PST - Virtual Office Hour

WEEK 6 (Tuesday) - 9:00am PST - Optimizing Based On Your Customers' Buying Behaviors

WEEK 6 (Thursday) - 9:00am PST - Virtual Office Hour

WEEK 7 (Tuesday) - 9:00am PST - Audiences & Automations - What To Use / When To Avoid

WEEK 7 (Thursday) - 9:00am PST - Virtual Office Hour

WEEK 8 (Tuesday) - 9:00am PST - Final Touches Using Google Shopping

WEEK 8 (Thursday) - 9:00am PST - Final Virtual Office Hour


Andy Splichal

Andy Splichal is a dynamic marketing professional with over 20 years of hands on marketing experience. He is the founder and managing partner of True Online Presence, the acclaimed author of the Make Each Click Count book series and host of the Make Each Click Count Podcast.

What's Included...

As an attendee of this class, you have the ability to become an expert in Google Shopping in only 8 weeks. However, in order to provide you with the most effective outcome, your attendance is needed!

  • Online Instruction: All classes and office hours will be held live. In addition, you will receive access to taped recordings of all in-class sessions that you will be able to access for an additional 12 months after class completion. ($997 value).

  • 12 Months of Access to Make Each Click Count University: Your tuition will include 12-months to Make Each Click Count University. Access to all marketing courses, articles, and updated training videos. $97/mo value ($1,164 annual value).

  • On Going Support : After completion of the class, you will have access to a live monthly zoom directly with Andy Splichal for 12 months. You also will be given his private email, the email typically reserved for private clients, the email he generally responds within $149/mo value ($1,788 annual value).

  • Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping: Once registered, you will receive a FREE copy of Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping. Consider it your text book for Google Shopping success.($18.95 value).

  • Certificate of Completion: After completion of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion. (Priceless).

Play the video above for a special message from Google Shopping Simplified Live instructor, Andy Splichal


$3,697.95 Total value 


The next class will be Fall 2021.


Click the button above to be notified when the course reopens for enrollment.​


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Done right, when you are armed with the right tools, it is truly the golden age of running an online business. Today, you have the ability to compete on an even playing field with brick and mortar stores that have been around for a hundred years as well as compete or even work with Internet conglomerates including Amazon.

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