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If you want to learn how to create website content that drives revenue, then you need this course. It doesn’t matter if you’re just about to start a new business website or have one and are stuck and you want to give it a kick start, this course will provide you with how to build a content marketing framework that works.

eCommerce Stores

Want more organic (free) traffic? This course will provide the framework you need to find and create content ideas to drive that traffic.

Affiliate Website Owners

Whether you are looking to generate some passive income or a full-fledged business, this course provides the framework you need to thrive as an affiliate marketer.


 Discover what keywords to concentrate and start driving measurable traffic.

Marketing Freelancers/Agencies

Add effective SEO services to your product offerings. This course will show you how to identify the keyword terms that will generate organic traffic for your clients.

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Stop wasting time and struggling with trying to make money online. Use this proven system and discover how you can start creating the content that drives visitors to your website!

12 Months Access To The Course For $49.99!


You know you should be creating content for your website as it’s the best way to entice prospects into becoming clients, yet you have no framework to keep you on track.


Taught by online expert, AJ Saunders of A.J.S. Digital Group, How To Create Affiliate Content That Drives Revenue provides you with a content marketing framework that is proven to drive revenue.


For those looking to drive traffic to a new blog or kick start an existing blog, or driving traffic to your affiliate website, this course will show you how to pinpoint the ideas that will allow you to rank organically.

Table of Contents


01 - Commitment (2:27)

02 - What You Need To Get Started (1:18)
03 - What is a Content Map? (2:03)
04 - Key Components (1:04)
05 - How to Generate Keyword Ideas (6:15)
06 - Storing Ideas (1:14)
07 - How To Validate A Keyword Idea (5:14)
08 - Using the Draft Tab Full Effect (1:27)
09 -  Customizing the Draft Tab (2:00)
10 - Importing Your Current Efforts (3:09)
11 - Centralize Your Efforts (1:59)
12 - Finding Low Hanging Fruit (1:15)
13 - How to Check Keyword Position (3:42)
14 - Planning Your Future Content (0:54)
15 - The Power of Updating Old Content (1:15)
16 - Conclusion (0:56)




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